Save-the-Date 10/15/2020 Pawtucket Proud Day

March 12, 2020

Pawtucket Proud Day was created by The Pawtucket Foundation to bring the city’s business community together to help showcase public spaces, neighborhood parks, and “gateways” of our city. The annual event was conceived by Daniel J. Sullivan, Pawtucket Foundation Co-Chairman and CEO of Collette, as a way of demonstrating the commitment of the local business community to the revitalization of Pawtucket. The City of Pawtucket, represented by the Department of Public Works, contributes significant collaboration, technical support, equipment, and human power to help make the annual effort a success.

This annual event attracts upwards of 100 volunteers to clean up, plant, paint, mulch and otherwise care for public spaces. Over the years, more than 1,200 volunteers representing over 100 companies have participated in 100 projects throughout the community.