Foundation's Annual Meeting

February 1, 2023


A change in board leadership was announced at the Pawtucket Foundation’s 22nd Annual meeting at Isle Brewer’s Guild on Jan 25th.

As his last duty of Co-chairman, Charlie Clifford, welcomed more than 30 business and community leaders and MC’d the evening. Charlie has taken a new position with the YMCA and is leaving Pawtucket.

Treasurer, Dave Fontaine of Marcum, is also stepping off the Board. In his last Treasurer’s report, he noted that in reviewing the past two fiscal years as a total, the Foundation has more than adequate capacity to meet their obligations. He thanked contributors for their past support and in advance for future support, stating that Memberships and income from the Awards Celebration are the cornerstone of revenues for the Pawtucket Foundation.

Jan Brodie, Executive Director, shared some highlights of the past year. The Foundation received and disbursed over $100,000 in Take It Outside funds, using the funds to support events that bring more activity and get people more engaged in their city. The completion of the Main Street Garage façade looks fabulous.  Large blue banners were created using LLB Architects’ design and Stafford Design’s technical ingenuity to give the once-gray garage a completely new look.  It is lit up at night and with orange bands, donated by Cooley Group. The garage now looks inviting and is an important support for the businesses of downtown and Transit Center areas. The 15 new Planters along Exchange Street, made possible with a grant from Bristol County Savings Bank Charitable Trust, make a huge positive impact along this heavily trafficked transit corridor. 

Brodie stated upcoming areas of focus in 2023 will include events and promotion of the new Transit Center, a City-wide Parking strategy, increased financial support through PBDC of the city’s small businesses, and beginning to focus on impacts of development along the River with Tidewater development.

Outgoing board members Peter Baziotis, Charlie Clifford, Dave Fontaine, Bill Hunt, Carlos Tobon and Lori Urso were thanked for their commitment and many years of service on the Board.

Appointed to the Board were Brian Kortz of Fuss & O’Neill and Erica Schechter of Peregrine.

The new slate of Officers are Jeremy Duffy, Co-Chair; Daniel Sullivan, Co-Chair; Christopher Ladds, Vice-Chair; Susan Courtemanche, Secretary; and Brian Azar, Treasurer.

Announced were the Honorees for the 2023 Awards Celebration. This event is held each spring and is an opportunity to recognize individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to Pawtucket. The recipients embody civic leadership and entrepreneurship representative of the Pawtucket Foundation's core values, including collaboration, vision, sustainability, quality of place and excellence.

The 2023 Heritage Awardwhich recognizes an outstanding long-term commitment to the City of Pawtucket and its residents, will be given to The Community PlayersRhode Island’s oldest Community Theater located in Pawtucket.

The Special Distinction Award honors outstanding contributions in a particular aspect of the Community. LLB Architects is this year’s recipient. Their creativity and architectural excellence has touched so many important projects in our cities.

The Person of the Year award, recognizes individual contributions to the quality of economic & community life in Pawtucket. This year’s honoree is Elizabeth Moreira for her work leading the COVID-19 response in Pawtucket & Central Falls and spearheading programs to address the many health issues in these cities.